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Membership has benefits

  • Borrowing books
  • Using your library card number to use the library computers
  • Membership at the $75 level and higher gives you additional benefits:

$75 - The ability to renew books twice provided the item doesn't have a hold placed on it.

$100 - The above plus (a) the ability to check out non-circulating books within the last hour the library is open provided they return them within the first hour the library is open (The late penalty is $5/hour), (b) a 25% discount on copying and printing (the copying requires a Copy Card).

$125 - The above plus a 10% discount on MCLE programs.

$150 - All the above plus a 10% discount on conference room rentals.

  • The cost of legal representation is high which means many individuals try to represent themselves.
  • The high cost of legal information materials means many attorneys cannot afford to subscribe to all the information they need so practitioners rely on the library for those expensive, seldom used materials.
  • Your donation helps us keep up-to-date the books practitioners and individuals without an attorney need to educate themselves about the legal issue facing them.
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