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We're the only public law library in Alameda County whose mission is to serve everyone.

The cost of legal representation is high which means many individuals try to represent themselves. The high cost of legal information materials means many attorneys cannot afford to subscribe to all the information they need so practitioners rely on the library for those expensive, seldom used materials. Our mission is to provide effective access to legal information to provide access to justice. Most of the people who use the law library are not lawyers. Over 90% of the library's income from a portion of civil filing fees, sort of like a user fee. Many of the people we serve are not involved in civil litigation, instead they are trying to transfer property ownership, start a business or just educate themselves about the legal system and thus have not paid that 'user-fee'.In addition, many individuals involved in civil litigation have received a fee waiver which means the law library gets no money from the case they filed.

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